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  • CE 301 is an Illinois-specific CE course presented by the American Lung Association in Illinois with approval from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. This course provides student's with the knowledge and understanding of the 2013 Revisions to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency Regulations for Radon Service Providers. The course audience is expected to be a licensed radon professional/technician with several years of field experience. Radon science and basic regulatory requirements (not subject to the revisions) of radon measurement and mitigation will not be covered in the course material. For a more detailed course, refer to our Radon 101 or Radon 201 courses. To register for this course, please click the blue course name. If you have taken a course with us previously, please log in or create a new account if you are a new customer. Once you create an account an email will be sent with the final course registration information.

  • The Radon Measurement Proficiency Program is a radon measurement certification course presented by the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest. The course is designed for individuals interested in becoming a licensed Radon Measurement Professional based on the national guidelines, and may not meet state-specific licensing requirements in some areas (i.e. Illinois). Please verify licensing requirements for the state that you plan on operating in by contacting your state’s radon program (State Radon Programs).

    This course provides students with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for establishing and/or conducting radon-related business in accordance to United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) guidance. Information in this course is provided in accordance to the standards required by the National Environmental Health Association’s National Radon Proficiency Program (NEHA-NRPP). NEHA-NRPP is the most widely renowned national radon certification program in the United States and follows the original USEPA requirements for radon certification. Participants who successfully complete this course meet one of the requirements for certification by NEHA-NRPP. Ultimately, any prospective professionals must first successfully complete an approved course, then successfully complete the NEHA-NRPP proficiency exam and then apply for a radon certification. To register for the course, please click on the blue course name to the left and then proceed to create a new account. Once you create an account an email will be sent with the final course registration information.


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